SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD - biggest programme in Europe whose mission is promotion social business among students

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016.
Students of third year Faculty for international economics, financial and business Violeta Žudić, Jovana Radović and Ajla Mustafalić were participants on the state competition Social impact Award which was held in Podgorica.
 Social Impact Award is the biggest programme in Europe whose mission is promotion social business among students. Project consists 3 parts: educational program, incubation and awards for best ideas. This is an educational program which can help young people to start their social business. Project is guiding from vague intentions to a social venture. Goal is to connect participants, with an international community of entrepreneurs, to support best teams with financial capital and active support through year and help them to develop social business.
This competition is held 29 of September in Podgorica, and the process of incubation started in April and lasted six months. Students were in the last finale with two ideas “Different place” and “Montenegrian memory”. From the four wining ideas, one was theirs and that was “Different place” which was chosen by online community. With this award, they won 2000€ as start-up capital, further mentoring support, training on the theme “Techniques influence” worth 500€ and journey in Viena on SIA Summit.
Concept of Different place is based on the blend needs of young people for friendship and entertainment content on one side and educationon on the other side. This place would offer opportunity that young people find out more about prominent figures and to have some fun also. That will be people who accomplished significant influence in art, music, culture, sport…
As part of award they won journey to Vienna on SIA Summit. That is unique gathering of this year`s Sia winners. Competition is held in 10 countries: Austria, BIH, Czech Republic, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Slovakia. Summit took place from 23-27 October in beautiful city Vienna. The host of the summit is the Impact Hub Vienna which is by far the most relevant venue for anything related to social entrepreneurship in Austria.
The goal of this event was meeting up of young entrepreneurs, their ideas and their way of thinking no matter from what country they come. This summit is also dedicated to experiences, connecting and promotions of theirs capacity how to realize business. Workshops were coordinating by experts in area of business and entrepreneurship, and they help us to understand our capacity. Beside lectures, on their skills during stay in Vienna affected free time also, starting with accommodation where students spend time with people who just met and who don`t speak same language until the meal which they had in different restaurants opened by young entrepreneurs. During staying in Austria, it was organized conference “Breaking patterns” which they had chance to visit because they were part of SIA team. Here they learned that it is important to think out of the box always. Workshops were organized on different places in Vienna, so they teaches them that they need to manage no matter where they are, that they need to notice things around them.
“The purpose of this project is working in teams, think different, and acquire skills which we need if we want to success in business. From Vienna we also bring many ideas which we can provide in everyday life, on faculty and not just in business. Man need to be ready, need to fight and if he don´t investigates, he will never succeed. Support and network of people is very important”, students told us.