15th Annual BMDA Conference Management

The Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) was founded at the end of 2002. From the very beginning, the Association started to induce the quality of management development in the Baltic region and beyond through promoting research, offering
educational services and networking opportunities for management development institutions and business enterprises.
"Bridging East and West" became the main motto of BMDA. BMDA currently unites 70 members from 24 countries – Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.
The Host of the Conference is University of Donja Gorica known as simply UDG is a private university located in Donja Gorica, a suburb of Podgorica, Montenegro. UDG mission is to create conditions for studying upon principles of high quality European education. That it is possible to achieve shows several generations of graduates who have successfully continued their master's and doctoral studies in the West or are already very successful in companies and institutions where they found employment soon after graduation. One of the important advantages of UDG is that it is developing multidisciplinarity.
Podgorica, the capital and the largest city of Montenegro. Podgorica is situated at the North part of Zeta valley, at the center of Montenegro, at the crossroad of several important road directions that lead from the sea towards the continental part of the country.
Fertile plain of Zeta, composition of the River Zeta and Ribnica with Morača, immediate vicinity of Skadar Lake and Adriatic Sea, favourable climate, communication and strategic position, made it possible Podgorica to become the biggest urban agglomeration of Montenegro. Large number of subterranean waters makes this area known by healthy drinking water. River Morača and River Ribnica have a special value and a natural beauty and they cross the City North -South and East-West. It is not only a modern city, but the city which represents administrativ, political, economic, traffic, scientific and educational-cultural center of Montenegro. The Adriatic Sea makes an influence on the climate of Podgorica, along the vale of River Bojana, through the Lake of Scadar. Under the influence of surrounding mountains, Mediterranean climate is changing, so that Podgorica has Mediterranean – changed climate, which is characterized by warm and hot summers and mild and rainy winters.