Workshop in ProDe Laboratory with High School graduates “Slobodan Skerovic” at University of Donja Gorica

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 5th to 7th April, high school graduates of the gymnasium ’’Slobodan Skerovic’’, visited 3D Laboratory at University of Donja Gorica.

In the first hour, high school graduates listened to the General Manager of the University, MSc Sandra Tinaj, and also the dean of the Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies, Milica Vukotic, PhD. At the presentation, graduates heard about all faculties, and also about three new programs:  Faculty of  applied mathematics, Faculty of Philology and International Hospitality and Management. The double degree program was also presented, which can be found only at the University of Donja Gorica.

After the presentation, depending on interests, graduates were divided in five different groups for workshops that were organized by employees of the University. For the 3D Laboratory workshop, there were sixty interested. By selecting this workshop, graduates got the chance to visit the most modern 3D laboratory in Montenegro. Later, the graduates who had chosen other workshops, also got an opportunity to visit the Laboratory.

In the workshop 3D Laboratory,the 3D printer was presented to graduates (ProJet666, Neo and RepRap Protos); the way in which they function, material that they use, and models that have been already printed. Workshop organizers answered  questions and transfered their experience that they acquired in the Faculty of Polytechnics and Faculty for information systems and technologies as a students. In the meantime, they could see how one 3D model occurs on the RepRap Protos printer. The model was given to the student who gave the most creative answer to the question: ,,What would you print if you had a 3D printer?’’

The Workshop ended at 14:00 hours.