Days of Polytechnics 2022

Monday, October 17th, 2022.
The opening of the Days of Polytechnics 2022 event was held on Thursday, October 6 at 1:00 p.m. in the UDG Gallery. This year's event was held on the jubilee 11th year since the establishment of the Faculty of Polytechnics. The agenda of the event was varied and included: promotion of student projects and activities, forum of the Engineering Chamber of Montenegro, a visit to the construction site of SAMBIC construction and outdoor lecture dedicated to the memorials. The exhibition of student works was on display in the hall for the next few days. At the exhibition, 18 student project works were presented, related to the subjects: Architectural Design 1, Architectural Design 2, Landscape Architecture and Diploma Thesis.

The first day of the event was an opportunity to present the work and activities of students at the Faculty.
The program continued in the Entrepreneur's Nest, where a panel discussion was held on the topic "Opportunities for students: internships and exchanges". The panelists were undergraduate students who participated in professional internships, which were organized in cooperation with the Engineering Chamber of Montenegro, as well as students who participated in student exchanges during the previous academic year.
The end of the program on the first day of the event was marked by the promotion of postgraduate students, who presented their master's theses in the form of a short presentation.

The second day of the event was marked by a forum of the Chamber of Engineers of Montenegro on the topic "Young engineers: Our path to Europe". The participants of the forum were the President of the Chamber, the Advisor for professional information and young engineers who are members of the Chamber. The panel discussed the activities of the Chamber, as well as how it can contribute to young engineers in their future professional development and career. Young engineers shared with the students the expectations and challenges that await them after entering the market.
One of the students from the Polytechnic, who, through the cooperation of the Chamber and the Faculty, performed professional practice in a local architectural office, expressed her intimate fears, successes, expectations and wishes for further development through her personal experiences.

On the third day of the event, a professional student trip was organized, which includes a visit to the construction site of SAMBIC construction as well as a presentation of projects in the company's offices. The visit to the Belux Residences construction site in Podgorica, with the professional monitoring of colleagues from the SAMBIC construction company, enabled the students to familiarize themselves with the current works in the field, with the part of safety and security at work, as well as the order of the upcoming works.

After that, the visit was set to Barutana, where a lecture by Dr Aleksandar Dajkovic was organized on the topic "Memorial-marks: between ideals and reality". The students had the opportunity to hear interesting details about the origin of this monument, as well as about man's relationship to monuments throughout history. The discussion was opened by the students' interest in topics related to the protection of such buildings, the way to preserve heritage from oblivion, as well as project interventions on such buildings.