Designing keychain with the UDG logo

Friday, June 10th, 2016.
The model for the UDG key chain was designed using SolidWorks. The idea behind the model was to create a simple part with a clear boundary between two geometries in the Z direction.
This way it’s possible to do a multi-color print by pausing on the final layer for the plate and then changing to a filament with a different color before continuing the print. Two different versions of the keychain were printed. One with a green plate and orange text and another with an orange plate and green text. This was done on the Protos 3D printer because it’s easier and faster to change a filament mid print on its direct drive extruder. The surface finish on the first keychains wasn’t as smooth as expected, so afterwards we increased the extrusion for the bottom and top layers from 100% to 110% and this resulted with a visible increase in the print quality.