Company DODING will produce a table lamp designed by UDG student!

Friday, September 1st, 2017.
Within course Design marketing and PRODE laboratory, students were given a task to design a table lamp made of recycled material. Faculty for design and multimedia opened a call for design of a lamp made of recycled material. The call was very motivational and encouraging for students, and 20 of them created a recycled-material lamp. For the final exam of Design marketing, most of them came up with two or more ideas. Students showed a great potential, high level of creativity and innovativeness. Jury for this project were: Vladana Mijanovic (architect, DODING company), Nikola Markovic, MSc (Polytechnics, UDG) and Tatjana Burzanovic, PhD (professor at Faculty for design and multimedia).
Students' task was to make a lamp made of recycled material and included minimum investment which should have given a unique product for the market. All the ideas were applicable and functioned well. The project did not only support the aesthetic, but also functional design solutions. The lamp which won the competition was the idea of student Ana Djurkovic. Besides this one, three additional solutions were chosen. Sofija Miljanic, Jovana Dulovic and Bojana Jovanovic got the prize too and their designs were selected for special categories of art installation, product design made of recycled material. Every design was unique for itself.
The basis of this task that was given within PRODE project which aimed at strengthening product design skills, not just graphical design skills of students, was to encourage respecting principles of eco-design, sustainable development and social-responsible design which is being fostered at Faculty for design and multimedia. Students got a chance to express their creativity and innovativeness within 3D ideas. Some of the solutions were supplied on the market even before the task was given to students.
The exhibition of all the design solutions for the Call for FDM students' design solutions of lamps made of recycled material will be organized in October 2017.

Dodding Lap Commercialization