ProDe presented on Students Day at UDG

Monday, April 10th, 2017.
As a part of research - methodology and results, demonstrated at UDG, marking Students Day on April 4, 2017, ProDe project was presented to guests from Ministry of Science, Industry, UDG faculties, staff and students.

Nurturing Creativity: "Montessori program for Kindergarten'' at UDG

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017.
Last year Market of entrepreneurial ideas at UDG had the honor to host the kids from kindergarten Sunflower (PPI "Ljubica Popovic" Podgorica). They presented idea of "Montessori program for Kindergarten" and their idea received the support in the amount of 1,650.00 euros ( ). In preparation for this years Market of entrepreneurial ideas at UDG May 9, 2017, supported by ProDe, please see the link below featuring the short movie Alike.
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ProDe joins GrabCAD Community

Thursday, April 20th, 2017.
In line with the non-linear open innovation business model, ProDe has joined GrabCAD community. GrabCAD is the community where engineers and designers from around the world come together in pursuit of developing innovative products. Together, there is no problem we can’t solve! GrabCAD, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup that has created a free cloud-based collaboration solution that helps engineering teams manage, view and share CAD files. On September 16, 2014 GrabCAD was acquired by Stratasys. Stratasys Ltd. is a manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems for office-based rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing solutions. Engineers use Stratasys systems to model complex geometries in a wide range of thermoplastic materials.
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ProDe working on Retinal Imaging Device OphthalmicDocs Fundus

Friday, April 21st, 2017.
Following the online instructions and downloadable STL file, ProDe team has completed the printing of parts for retinal imaging adapter.The tool consist of 7 components. The STL files are available from The oDocs Fundus is a 3D printable adapter that converts any smartphone into a retinal camera. Using it in conjunction with a condensing lens, it has up to a 40 degree field of view. Viewing the retina has never been easier. Best of all, the model is free to everyone courtesy of oDocs Eye Care. You can help with any 3D modifications to improve the model and submit it back to benefit the community. The device has been streamlined for 3D printing, with provided step-by-step guide on how to assemble your own unit.

Series of ProDe research presentations made on BMDA

Friday, April 28th, 2017.
ProDe team made number of presentations on The 15th Annual Conference of Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA). BMDA is carrying out the idea to create a regional management development network, initiated by universities, business schools, individual professors and business professionals from the Baltic and other countries.

ProDe associates on Study-visit at Xihua University - China

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.
ProDe UDG associates Jovana Milovic, Haris Bajramovic and Luka Lakovic are spending semester on study visit at Xihua University in People’s Republic of China. Group of young associates are representatives of interdisciplinary areas of Design and multimedia and Information systems and technologies. These topics are currently in the spotlight of ProDe research and development program.The purpose of this visit is to improve and to further develop ProDe laboratory. ProDe associates studying at XHU are able to gain substantial theoretical knowledge in company of their Chinese colleagues and throughout a direct cooperation with professors and assistants, to get a chance and work on different practical projects. ProDe staff has chance to improve multi-cultural experience and to benefit from cultural exchange by attending classes on all faculties that include application of 3D technology in all stages of creative design.
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Wall clock design made with recycled materials

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.
In accordance with the PRODE Project Activity Plan and within the exam Marketing in design (practical part), the students of the Faculty of Design and Multimedia, apart from the theory, had the task to create wall clock made with recycled materials. This activity required a high level of creativity and innovation in its implementation with minimal costs occurred. This task has been given with the intention to, besides to unique product for the market, activate the access to eco-sustainbale and responsible design, as well as universal design for all. Out of twenty-three preliminary designs for wall clocks, the certain models have been singled out particulary due to their material, colours, and innovative approach, as well as the preliminary design of the wall clock with fixed hand while the plate with numbers is turning and shows what the time is.

VII Market of Entrepreneurial Ideas finished at UDG

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017.
With the trade of over 13, 000 euros, VII market of Entrepreneurial Ideas is finished at University of Donja Gorica. Emphasized creativity and competitive spirits have marked yet another youth-oriented happening supported by ProDe. University of Donja Gorica is one of the first supporters of student entrepreneurship in Montenegro. Therfore, guided by the Professor's equation, where the student's ability is equal to the knowledge gained, multiplied by the intensity of living squared (S=z·i²), Student Business Center in cooperation with the foundation "Freedom & Entrepreneurship" continues its, now traditional, entrepreneurial-oriented projects, which are, every year, more and more, confirming that luck really follows the ready ones!

Topics related to ProDe commercialzation assigned for UDG interdisciplinary BSc Theses

Saturday, May 13th, 2017.
ProDe has strong academic foundation and number of undergraduate and graduate UDG courses are organized with support of ProDe laboratory. As Prode has entered the commercialization stage, interdisciplinary topics, bridging the gap between innovation and business are prepared for BSc thesis. One of the questions UDG graduating students will try to answer is: Can Innovative Business Models Enable Players to React to Ongoing or Unpredictable Trends?

ProDe team members participate on MECAS Conference

Monday, May 15th, 2017.
MEDITERRANEAN SOCIAL SCIENCES CONFERENCE - MECAS is taking place at UDG May 19-22, 2017. With topics: Mediterranean Economy, Culture, Architecture and Security, ProDe team members will take part and share ideas, knowledge and experience. More information is available at
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